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HedgeHogFX [HHFX]– ‘Measure’

Foreign Currency Risk Management Software


HHFX Foreign Exchange Risk Management software/system is built for today’s ever changing international business environment.

We have ‘re-thought’ many of the features you need, and made them smarter, less complicated, and available whenever you want them.

You can have ‘Online-Real time’ vital information in your pocket, or on the web, whenever you need it.

It starts here at HedgeHogFX [HHFX]

The current value of your future international currency payments and receipts are constantly reflected in your account, and you can get automatic ‘alert’ notifications on your choice of pre determined designated currency movements.

Powerful Reporting – there’s so much information in each transaction you make.

HedgeHogFX has powerful organisation tools to automatically categorize, analyse, and personalize your data so you can see your payments and receipts come to life.

All your Foreign Exchange exposures are translated back to ‘functional/base’ currency compliant with International Financial Reporting Standards [IFRS] – AASB121/IAS21.

Your Accountants and Auditors will love you – and you will save money!

HedgeHogFX provides you with details you need for accurate and timely reporting.


FX Licensing Consultants Pty Ltd., the owner of HedgeHogFX ‘Measure’, is an Australian owned company.

Registered Office: c/- Anthony Thornton, Thornton Davies Pty Ltd., [Certified Practising Accounts (CPA)], 

Suite 8, 828, High Street, East Kew, Victoria, 3102, Australia

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