What is HedgeHogFX – ‘Measure’?

• Designed in Australia specifically for Exporters, Importers, and Foreign Currency Investors.

• Measures your FX Risk Exposure constantly with ‘Real time-Online’ live prices streamed directly to your work station, IPhone, Laptop, Notebook etc.

• Measures values of your future FX payments, and receipts in your functional/base currency – you see the value of all your upcoming money movements

• Measures by ‘Marking to Market’ all your current FX exposures immediately from the moment you enter transactions

• Measures variability against a system generated budgeted/entry value at any time, on any date, against real time live FX prices

• Measures your net FX Risk Exposure, and compares the increasing, or decreasing value of your ‘positions’ by displaying appropriate directional indicators

Reduce Stress - No more ‘fingers crossed’

• All businesses and individuals trading or investing in foreign currencies must proactively ‘Measure’ and ‘Manage’ their FX exposure

• The purchase or sale of goods or investments in a foreign currency is only one part of a deal.

• The other part is when the transaction is ‘closed out’, and the conversion is made back into the ‘functional/base currency

• Many deals have turned from big profits to significant losses because FX exposure had not been ‘Measured’ and ‘Managed’ correctly.

• Plan with certainty

• You simply Input future payments and Receipts and HedgeHogFX will keep you fully informed of your Foreign Exchange exposures.

International Accounting Rules IAS 21 and IAAS 121

• All businesses trading across borders in foreign currencies must report in a timely and accurate fashion their foreign exchange exposures and convert back to their functional/base currency for P&L and Balance Sheet reporting purposes.

• HedgeHogFX software provides information complying with provisions of IAS 21 and IAAS 121[more details]

• Generates reports for Management and Accounting.

• Creates more time to Manage the business.

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